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LIFE + How to find balance

On today's episode I'm chatting with other stylist's (Sammy & Rachel) and asking how they find a work life balance. Finding a work life balance is unique for each individual, but key to a successful happy career behind the chair. You shouldn't feel guilty for taking time for you. It is essential to have self time, so your able to give clients your full capabilities.

-The power of saying "no" Its easy to become a people pleaser in this business. Remember that you need to take care of yourself so then you can be the best stylist!

-Take time off at least once a month to help refresh yourself. A long weekend or just an hour in the morning to take in nature, or some retail therapy!

-Unplug from the world

-Finding hobbies to do outside of work is always a must; cooking, baking, running etc.

-Most of all, taking the time to appreciate where you are in your life. Even on the bad days you need to find the good and put your energy into that.

-Think about your future and set goals to help motivate you+ push you.

-Stick to who you are no matter what, it's easy to feel like you'r not good enough in this field, it may feel competitive but there's enough of heads to around for everyone.

-Learn to act like you have confidence! Trust your instincts + know who you are.

Head to this link to watch the entire episode!

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