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Adapting As a New Student Fresh Out of Cosmetology School!

Being in hair school is hard, and knowing what to do after or where to go can be even more difficult. On todays show I sit down with my newest employee, to talk about how she navigated finding her hair home after school, and what best fit her needs.

-Don't be afraid to reach out to all the salons that look like the perfect fit for you, remember if one door closes another one is bond to open!

-Figure out what type of salon you want to work in; is it a busy + quick pace environment? Or a small quant salon?

-Don't be discouraged if you get offered an assisting position. Here are the benefits of assisting: You will learn how to do things more than one way, you will become a familiar face with the clients that comes into the salon which will work in your favor to help grow your cliental list. Plus it is a steady income, compared to being pushed onto the floor with no clients which equals an unsteady income.

-Relay on social media to get your work or face out there into the world! Check with the owner of the salon, but posting onto your Instagram/social media of what is going on in the salon helps promote yourself.

You may not have your own content but posting the other stylist and the environment keeps you involved.

-Be patient, but know who you are and what your vibe is, do your research, don't judge a book by it's cover go and schedule an appointment and see how they treat you as a customer.

-Show how ambitious and motivated you are and owners will be drawn to you! Hustle!

Click the video below to watch the entire episode!

Stay tuned for what's next!


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