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All You Need to Know About Extensions

Whether your a Kardashian fan or not you have probably noticed celebrities rocking long, thick locks! Good news is you can attain that same exact dreamy hair with extensions!

Things that extensions can fix and provide:

-If you have a full body of hair in the back but suffer from thin, fine hair on the sides then extensions can help fill in those thin spots.

-If your looking to take your hair blonder but don't want to damage your hair, certain extensions are customizable to help achieve that blonder look. It can even benefit giving your hair the chance to recover from any pervious damage.

-If you want that mermaid hair you always dreamt of!

So if you are on a mission to get long, thick and luscious hair than you have come to the right post!

Now you might be wondering what type of extensions will be the best fit for you and your lifestyle, no worries we have broken it down for you!


Price range: $150-$250


-Can be taken in and out at any time



-Having to take in & out daily

-Depending on the amount of wear (excessive) can cause damage


Also known as a hidden crown which is hair that is suspended onto a clear wire headband

Price: $275


-treat it like your own and use a blowdryer, curling iron, straightener, cut it, brush it, wash it, and style it all over and over again.

- It’s easy to do yourself and takes less than a minute to put on.

-Non noticeable

-No damage

-Easy to take in & out

-Adds Volume + Fullness


-Having to put in & out daily

-Can't wear hair up with it on




-Quick + Easy installation

-Lays flat against the head

- Volume + Fullness


-Tape residue

-Difficult to hide

-Require maintenance for move-ups

-Purchasing new hair after 2 move- ups

-Move ups start at $250


Price: $500-$2,000


-Quick + easy application

-Not noticeable at all even if it's a windy day!

-Can style it anyway; in a bun, braids, top-knot etc.

-Can custom color to match your hair


-Move ups start at $250

-Need to be moved up every 8-10 weeks

Hopefully now you have enough info to make a great choice for you and your hair!

Visit our EXTENSION page to find out more!

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