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Creating Your Energy On Social Media

In today's Podcast I have two of my stylists, Sammy + Corie discussing the importance of creating your energy on social media. It is an important tool to use as a stylist because it's how you convey not only your work, but who you are as a person and the energy you want people to see.

- Taking all about our photoshoot together that helped showcase our individuality.

-How using instagram can help your clients see who are you as a person + what type of vibe you have.

-Making your page esthetically pleasing to your audience + represent who are you.

-Being honest with who you are so your clients can get a feel for who are before they meet you.

-It's hard work to transfer that energy into your page but it will pay off in the long run

-How Corie as a new stylist is learning the ways of how important it is to be active on her instagram page, to help her grow her following and showcase her work.

-Calynn talks about how it's not about the number of followings you have but how engaged your followers are in each picture or post you share.

-Staying consistent and showing your followers how invested in your brand and your job.

-Let that good energy spread and watch how the results turn out, give it time and believe in yourself.

-The Opal crew is cheering you on, go out there + take on the world!

Click the video below to watch this episode!

Stay tuned for more!


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