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Finding The Right Energy-Episode #3

This weeks episode focuses on Energy!

Calynn sits down with our stylist Sammy, on how she feels the energy at OPAL has changed her career for the better. The two discuss key elements that make salon energy, salon environment, and culture successful.

- What it's like seeking out a new employee through social media.

-Learning about our gem Sammy, Who is she and where did she come from?!

-How working in a negative environment brings heaviness into your life.

-How leaders, lead leaders +creating a supportive environment. 

-Being valued creates positive energy in the salon.

-Knowing how to accept constructive criticism and the push towards success!

-Being a mentor + seeing your employees flourish +  grow! 

-When your employees are happy that pours out to the clients.

-Little touches that create your ideal atmosphere that support your staff + clients 

-Bottom line LOVE WHAT YOU DO! 

-Life is too short not to work in the best place that fits you!

Click the link below to watch this episode!! 

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