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Keeping Your Hair Fresh + Fade Free!

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Do you ever feel like you JUST got your hair color done, and its ALREADY fading?! 

Heres why that might be happening….

Did you Know?

Most non-salon shampoo + conditioners contain the two main ingredients that will STRIP your color/gloss OUT!!

  • Sodium chloride

  • Ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS)

Invest in Quality Products + Tools: 

Using drugstore or inexpensive shampoos + conditioners can have damaging effects on your hair which is something that we don’t want to happen! Whenever your buying products make sure to check the label and stay away from any foreign ingredients! Two products we stand by that provide your hair with safe ingredients are Moroccan Oil and R&CO


Especially as we face the hot summer months hydration is key! If you have rich color tones such as red or brunette, hydrating hair daily can help lock in color longer. To my blondies who are married to your toner the mixture of sun and heat are very harsh on your hair!

Products for Hydration:

-Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner 

-Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream

-Moroccan Oil Perfect Defense

Washing Your Hair:

Keep in mind every time you wash your hair you are removing some of the pigment of your color out. Also, washing too frequently removes the good oils, which help to hydrate those locks! It is best to wash your hair 2 times a week, if you are one of those clean freaks who can't stand dirty hair (we get it!) Dry shampoo will be your new BFF!  Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo is great for the in-between wash days!


Take a Break From Heat:

When using hot tyling tools make sure that you don't go over 350 degrees. When using a blowdryer make sure to always attach a concentrator nozzle to help protect your hair from direct heat.

If you can let your hair dry naturally and give your hair a nice break on off days or weekends when doing your hair isn't necessary, this will help maintain healthy hair!

[ Fun tip: while your hair is drying throw your hair into a braid and let it dry to create soft 


Avoiding Hairspray:

If possible, staying away from hairspray is ideal. A key ingredient in most hairsprays is alcohol which plays a big factor in dryness.

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