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Reliability with Sage Aesthetix

Today on the PEARL Podcast, I sit down with Miranda Bokon, owner and founder of Sage Aesthetix. We discuss the drive and hustle it took her to start her company, and how gaining reliability is the secret to success. Miranda is a wife, mom, and boss babe.

-Growing + learning with your clients.

-How she uses spiritual healing as a way to getting to the root of the struggle.

-Talking about the feel good method: going beyond what you look like on the outside, but also on the inside.

-To remember that your clients are relying on you to turn their day around and make them feel good. Using those right words and terms with them to become relatable.

-Taking those baby steps towards something BIG

-Mind, body + soul

-Not letting fear stop you from having the dream business and family!

-If you want this bad enough you can + will make it happen.

-Keeping the experience exclusive + providing a fine tuned experience for everyone.

-Being reliable for your clients

-Knowing that your making an impact on someones life is the motivation to juggle a business + life!

Head to our PEARL Youtube page to watch the entire episode!

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