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Summer Hair

Beach days are in the forecast which means tis the season for low maintenance hair days!

We don't want to be stuck in front of a mirror trying to tackle our hair. Which is why we rounded up the easiest, beach-worthy styles to keep you cool and looking stylish!

No Heat

Avoiding the blowdryer is usually key during these hot months, because who wants to sweat while doing their hair? Dutch braid waves are an ideal way of getting those beachy (natural_ waves. Here's how, first and foremost always adding your leave in conditioner, and Moroccan oil, part your hair into even pitfalls and dutch bread each side (inside-out French braids to be exact). Once your done braiding both sides, leave it alone until it's almost dry, taken them out of the braids (don't brush it!) and add a little bit of R&Co Rockaway sea salt spray.

Top Knot

Top knot bun is a cute and chic way to do your hair this summer, while keeping your hair up and out of your face! Use Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling cream in your hair when wet and wrap it up into a perfect bun!

Half Up Top Knot

Jazz up a original top knot bun while leaving some hair down for a night out! Use R&Co Rockaway sea salt spray all over jar, wrap up your top knot bun. Then add some volume to the left over hair out of the bun with Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray

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