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Training Your Hair To Go 4 Days Between Washes!

Today we have gathered up some useful tips to help extend no wash days. Not only does it save time but it keeps your hair healthy, especially if your hair is colored! Fun fact you can actually train your hair to go at least 4 days without washing it!

  1. First, using purifying shampoo and conditioner every few washes helps get rid of any oily buildup. Sometimes washing your hair more than once is a necessity, so don’t be afraid to give your hair a couple of washes while in the shower.

2. When using shampoo make sure to apply it only on the scalp (sides, back of head and the entire front area). It is crucial to open/spread hair especially on the occipital bone, and distribute shampoo evenly throughout the hair, to ensure a thorough wash. Lack of distributing soap with result in greasy feeling hair. (do you ever get out of the shower and feel like your hair is still greasy?? its because you didn't use enough shampoo everywhere on the head) Another big mistake that some people make is they apply conditioner on the scalp. This can also make your hair feel dirty/greasey. The key is to apply the conditioner mid shaft to ends.

3. Once out of the shower, try to stay away from applying any products or if you have to try to use very little. We recommend Moroccan Oil, mid shaft to ends.

4. Key tip- sleeping with your hair up will reduce the amount of body oil that gets transferred from the nape of your neck. Also not putting your hair up while sleeping, or putting it up while wet. Wet hair is in its more fragile state, and is likely to get stretched and break from the tugging, and tension from the hair tie.

5. If your hair starts to feel slightly dirty, use a mist bottle filled with water and spray it around your head to get the hair slightly damp.Then using a hair dyer and a round brush style your hair to take out any of the any spots that have become matted aka greasy.

6. Try to wait until the third day to use a dry shampoo (Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo is one of our faves) When using dry shampoo focus on the spots that appear to the be the greasiest. After spraying it in try to wait at least a minute to let it fully dry and then rub it into your roots.

TIP: Overwashing produces MORE oils. If you are a crazy hair washer, and your one of those that says (I can't help it my hair is super greasy!) Its because your washing too much! Your sebaceous glands go into overdrive because the oils are constantly being washed away, that they go into overdrive and overproduce to keep up with the constant washing. So I know the re-train will be hard! but there is hope, your hair will only be greasy for the first week of return. ALSO fun fact, the natural oils are actually super good for your hair! The oils travel down the shaft of the hair, and act like a super hydrating treatment!

Viola! You have re-trained your hair to not get greasy and rock that hair style for more days, so you can focus on more important things in your life!

Good Luck Girl! We know you got this!

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