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Voluminous Holiday Hair!

Happy holiday Gems! If you're going to a holiday party or heading out for NYE you need that glamours hair to match the occasion!

Go-to Curls:

To get effortless voluminous curls first start by protecting your hair from the heat. We love the Goldwell Kerasilk protective Blow-Dry Spray to help protect your color + keep your hair protected from the heat. Healthy hair is pretty hair!

OPAL Tip: Always curl your hair away from your face. If you have fine or thin hair, curl your locks in opposite directions ( curl one away and then one towards your face) this will make your hair look + feel thicker! Who doesn't want that?!

Next, to create texture and to make your curls last we suggest using the Goldwell Creative Texture Mineral Spray. This will add body + a touchable grippy texture which will help keep your locks secured.

For our clients we prefer using a big barrel curling iron to give you the big wavy curls!

Once done curling your hair it's time to make them last! Curls relay on products to stay put so good hairspray will make that happen. KMS Hair Stay will keep the humidity away but still providing a good hold, Goldwell Perfect Hold is volumizing, Moroccan Oil luminous Hairspray which has a selection of weightless finishes (medium, strong, extra strong)to help with any type of hair .

*All the products mentioned in this are available at our salon!

Happy Holidays + Happy New Year from the Opal ladies!


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