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Extension Aftercare

Now that you have invested in yourself and your rocking this new awesome hair, lets give you a few tips to make sure your mane stays exceptional! 


-We suggest using a shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate free, and do not contain Sodium chloride & ammonium lauryl sulfate. To prolong your extensions and to avoid stripping your color/gloss out.

-Avoid washing your hair often. 1-2x a week is ideal. Do not exceed 4x.

-Gently wash in-between extensions and your natural hair.

-We suggest you shampoo 2x to ensure your hair is fully clean.

-Rinse well. 

-Apply a conditioner (we recommend either Pai-Shau or Moroccan oil hydrating conditioner) 

-Make sure to rinse well not leaving any product left behind 

-After shower, always spray leave-in conditioner + oil. 

-We recommend a weekly mask to replenish + strengthen hair. 


Blow drying + styling. 

-Always brush in between extension rows + natural hair making sure to only use detangle brush such as a WET brush to avoid matting.

We suggest clipping everything up except your natural hair underneath your bottom row, and start your brushing with that.
Next, drop down your bottom row and brush that out.
Next, drop out your natural hair in between the two rows, and brush that out.
Next, drop out your top row and brush that out.
Finally, drop out your natural that is on top to complete the brushing process.

-Ensure hot tools do not exceed 350 degrees. 

-Avoid blowdrying as much as possible. Let your hair air dry when you can. When using hair dryer; always attach concentrator nozzle to protect hair from direct heat. 

-Minimize use of hairspray; as it contains a lot of alcohol & dries out the hair.

-Weekly hydrating mask to keep moisture & shine. 




-Sleep in a braid, or two; avoid wearing hair up to bed -as it will tug on the extensions. 

-Make sure to go to bed with dry hair.

-Invest in a silk pillow case.


-Always braid or tie hair back if your in windy situations.

-Avoid sunscreen getting on extension hair, it will turn extension hair peach, and it can't be fixed. 

-If you are swimming in the ocean, its ok to get extensions wet, just make sure to spray leave in conditioner when done.

-Avoid chlorine. 

Professional Maintenance. 

-Glossing every 4-6 weeks, to reinstate tone, shine, & nourishing condition.

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