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What is OPAL?

    Opal is the only stone which doesn't need to be cut or faceted to reflect light. Opals are famous for their rainbow effect caused from light bouncing around the tiny microscopic silica spheres within the stone, resulting in diffraction of light and creating a 'prism' effect. At OPAL, we pride ourselves on being hair experts. Similar to the stone, all hair reflects light and exudes comparable diffraction qualities. 

OPAL Mission

To educate and give confidence; Empowering people to cultivate a positive change in their own life.

OPAL Vision

To be a source of education and inspiration; A leader in the hair industry

OPAL Values
  • Create a culture that builds poise and self-confidence

  • Passion; committed in heart and mind

  • Being present, communicating with transparency, kindness and respect

  • Delivering our absolute best in all we do

  • Holding ourselves accountable for results

  • Always evolving, challenging the status quo

OPAL Goals
  • Customer Service

  • Efficiency 

  • Retention

  • Growth

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