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It's with a grateful heart that I welcome you to OPAL. This business started as a dream, and thoughts on paper. This would never have been possible, without family and friends, pushing me to pursue my dreams. It's because of their encouragement that i get to call this Gem of mine OPAL. 

        My love for design, art, and fashion began at a young age while helping my dad flip houses. Watching the transformation of such run down places, turn into beautiful spaces, inspired me to go to school for design. I attended Paier College Of Art  where I received my BFA in Interior Design. While in college, I had my first taste of salon life, taking the job as an assistant to my first mentor, the woman who first recognized my talent for hair and makeup. She encouraged me to attend cosmetology school, which I began while in school for design.
      After school, I worked at the best salon in the state, starting an apprentice program. Here was where I grew into my talents, and developed my skill set.  After years of working, friends and family encouraged my decision to go off on my own, and follow in my father's entrepreneurial footsteps. So OPAL was born October 2016 in a small studio suite. However, the suite life was a little tight and I knew in my heart I wanted a place to call my own.
       I had searched high and low looking for the perfect location, a diamond in the rough, an unpolished gem that I could make shine. After many fruitless searches, in March 2017 I found my perfect gem nestled in the cozy hills of Avon. It was a dream come true...At least to me, I saw so much potential, while everyone around me thought this place had no hope. I saw past the ugly carpet, yellow walls, and odd shaped rooms. As I stand in the midst of this dreary ugly room, I was filled with such excitement, and overflowing ideas. I knew this was my home, my shining gem, my OPAL. 
       I never would have dreamt I would one day be all that I aspired to be...  Interior designer, stylist, salon owner, and mentor to a team of talented girls, giving the gift of OPAL to our amazing and loyal clients. To all that have helped me get to this incredible place, my heart explodes with gratitude and appreciation. I am deeply humbled to be where I am. I cannot thank you all enough for inspiring me, pushing me, and most of all believing in me. 

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit OPAL. I hope my story encourages you to have the confidence to pursue your dreams! 

With Love, 


 "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."  -Walt Disney 

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